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OCTOBER 25, 2005





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"On the 25th of October 2005, SonyBMG had a Press Conference at Sheraton Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand about a new album of Steven Seagal. This album spent 5 years for recording and producing and working with Ric Wake who was a producer of Shakira and Celine Dion). The first single of this album was “Girl it’s Alright” which has been recommended for a nice song and the most important thing is the MV of this song was shooting in Thailand at the Northern part of Thailand, Chiang Mai.

In the album Songs from the Crystal Cave, Stevie Wonder was invited for playing the Harmonica in the song My God and so many famous artist from Jamaica, Dj.Stitchie, Tony Rebel. Not only singing he also composed the songs and co-produce almost whole of his album.

Prepare for the song My God in Thai Version. The purpose of this song is for loving and caring without discrimination of nationality, language, philosophy, religion or color."